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pretty joker

New Season

Posted on 2010.03.25 at 13:46
Sintral Florida Derby Demons Vs. Gold Coast Roller Girls
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Introducing Oogie Boogie

Posted on 2010.03.25 at 13:16

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Posted on 2010.03.18 at 21:26

we can do it
Posted on 2010.03.18 at 17:16

Posted on 2010.03.14 at 00:26
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I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

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Posted on 2010.03.11 at 19:46

"As I make my way c'mon c'mon
These better nights that seem too long
Now we grieve cause now is gone
Things were good when we were young"
-Von Bondies

Posted on 2010.03.06 at 19:13

Posted on 2010.03.06 at 16:24
I took my Nikon out last night, but I'm not thrilled about anything I got. The night should have been fun, but my favorite sushi place took 45 minutes to get my order to me and 10 minutes on main street made me furious. A hostel street preacher accused me and my girlfriends of wanting to fornicate and being on the dope. Apparently we were making the mistake of standing in his line of vision. Actually, that was the point I lost it and just wanted to be alone.
I go to school with some girls that go to church and talk about Jesus too often but they are perfectly nice people. I love my cousins even though they are the same way. But more often then not people that call themselves Christians just spew hateful garbage.



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Tonight I'm going to Jack's bar and grill to show support for the roller derby promotion. On top of that I'm looking for a few people to help them out during the bout on the 20th. Things like selling raffle tickets and handing the guest list. They need a DJ as well. Working the game means getting in for free. If you are in the Daytona area and interested let me know.


What I have been working on lately

Posted on 2010.02.28 at 01:56
Piece on bi-polar disorder in children:
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Posted on 2010.02.22 at 01:02

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